Max Dreyfus  (1874-1964)
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According to the Internet source given below, Max Dreyfus was a German-born American music publisher, arranger and songwriter. Between the 1910s and 1950s he encouraged and published the work of many of the writers of the so-called Great American Songbook, and was president of Chappell & Co., Inc., the world's largest music publishing firm.
Born in Kuppenheim, Germany, he moved to the USA in 1888 and worked as a travelling salesman. In the mid-1890s he worked on Tin Pan Alley in New York City closely with Paul Dresser transcribing song arrangements. He then had a position at T.B. Harms & Co. arranging and plugging songs, He wrote his first succesful song Cupid's Garden (1901), published under the Max Eugene. Prior to that he had written a few ragtime numbers such as De Ragtime Dance (1899) published by Consolidated Music Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Max and his younger brother Louis Dreyfus (1877-1967) bought the T.B. Harms shares in 1904 retaining the company name and entered into a partnership with Francis, Day & Hunter. By 1926 they had sold T.B. Harms and bought Chappel outright reconstituting their holdings as Chappell, Inc.
Max Dreyfus died in Brewster, New York.
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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 13 works by Max Dreyfus (1874-1964). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Carolina Cake Walk, A 1898  wvicon.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg
De Ragtime Dance 1899  wvicon.gif
Hello Ma Baby! 1899  wvicon.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg
Hunt Ball, The 1899  wvicon.gif
Just a Lock of Hair For Mother 1899 Andrew B. Sterling (words)  wvicon.gif
Prancing Pickaninnies 1899  wvicon.gif
Proposal, The 1899  wvicon.gif
Cupid's Garden 1901 as Max C, Eugene  wvicon.gif
Dem White Pants 1901  wvicon.gif
Antar (w&m) 1902  wvicon.gif
Mousme 1903 as Max C, Eugene  wvicon.gif
In Roseland 1904 as Max C, Eugene  wvicon.gif
My Southern Belle 1905 Jerome Kern (words)
Nellie McCoy (perf. by)
     Title Dur Performer Composer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg A Carolina Cake Walk 3:03 Ragtime Dorian Henry M. Dreyfus 
youtube15.jpg Hello Ma Baby! 2:18 Ragtime Dorian Henry M. Dreyfus