John Casken  (1949-)
Last updated: 02.04.23
According to the Internet source given below, John Casken is an English composer and currently (2003) is professor of music and head of the School of Music and Drama at Manchester University. After studies at the University of Birmingham he then won a scholarship to the Academy of Music in Warsaw in 1971 where he studied composition with Andrzej Dobrowolski. During this time he developed a long term interest in Witold Lutoslawski and his music.
His works include Golem (88), Still Mine (1992), Violin Concerto (1994-95), Sortilège (1995-96), Distant Variations (1996), Après un silence (1998), God's Liar (2000) and To the lovers' well (2001). Of special recorder interest is his Thyme Haze (1979).
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