Jack Caddigan  (1879-1952)
Last updated: 15.11.19
According to the Internet source given below, ack Caddigan was a Boston lyricist who is credited with the words to over fifty songs written between 1911 and 1922.
Of ragtime interest is Thanks For the Lobster (1913) published by O. E. Story Music Publishers, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 20 works by Jack Caddigan (1879-1952). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Thanks For the Lobster 1913 Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Down on the Lakes of Manitoba 1914 Story Chick  wvicon.gif
Hundred Years From Now, A 1914 Brennan, Story  wvicon.gif
Rose of the Mountain Trail, The 1914 Brennan  wvicon.gif
Dream I Had Last Night, The 1915 Brennan, Story  wvicon.gif
In the Golden Summertime 1915 Brennan  wvicon.gif
Molly My Own 1915 Brennan  wvicon.gif
Keep the Love-Light Shining in the Window 1917 McHugh
Mother, I'm Dreaming of You 1918 Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Rose of No Man's Land, The 1918 Brennan  wvicon.gif
Salvation Lassie of Mine 1918 Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Egyptian Moonlight 1919 A. Fred Phillips
In the Old Sweet Way 1919 Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Let's Jog Along 1919 Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Little French Mother, Good-Bye! 1919 Chick Story
Blue Diamonds, The 1920 Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Ding - Toes 1920 Story Chick  wvicon.gif
Mammy's Little Sunny Honey Boy 1921 by Jack Caddigan and Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Sky Blue 1921 Chick Story  wvicon.gif
Wait Till You See Me Sunday 1921 Story  wvicon.gif