Caneuon Cymru - Songs of Wales
Last updated: 19.04.20
Printed:   Author: J. Owen
Publisher: Music Exchange Publications ISBN:  

Personal remarks:
I purchased this songbook along with 25 Cân a Charol (25 Songs & Carols) whilst on a brief day-trip to Cardiff in 1999. It is a budget collection of photocopied cheap one-sheet piano scores published by Regina Music Publishing Co. to be found in Woolworth's for a few pence (I mean really few - 6d being a top price!) decades ago. That means tonic sol-fa and no guitar chords. It has merits however in that the songs are arranged for piano accompaniment and four-part singing. The lyrics are both in Welsh and English, and both in the score. It contains:
  1. All through the night
  2. David of the White Rock
  3. The Exile of Cambria
  4. New Year's Eve
  5. Men of Harlech
  6. The Trumpet Sounding Loudly
  7. Forth to Battle
  8. Taliesin's Prophecy
  9. The Bells of Aberdovey
  10. Land of my fathers
  11. The Ash Grove