Civil War Songbook
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1999 Author: Rusty & Keith McNeil
Publisher: WEM Records ISBN: 1878360248
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Paperback - 104 pages (June 17, 1999) , usually ships within 24 hours.
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Book Description
The fifty-seven songs and commentary reflect the tragedy, irony, humor, pride and hope which accompanied the War Between the States. Companion volume to two stereo CD's or two stereo cassettes. Total playing time: 3 hours.
The War Begins: After the election of Abraham Lincoln, eleven states secede. The beginning of the war is accompanied by songs of self-righteousness and optimism, of "Copperheads" and "Black Republicans," of proud new regiments and of martyrs.
The Realities of War: The Battle of Bull Run discourages Northern optimism, and two legendary figures emerge: "Stonewall" Jackson and Jeb Stuart. Yankee morale rises with the stirring "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Battle Cry of Freedom." Glory fades in the face of reality as soldiers sing of inadequate food and the slaughter at Shiloh. Civilians sing of the inequities of the draft and of doing without.
The Changing War: Escaped slaves are mustered into the Union army, singing of freedom and emancipation. Ironclad ships revolutionize naval warfare, guerrilla warfare increases, prisoners of war die.
The Union Forever: War-weary soldiers and civilians sing of sweetheart, home, the siege of Vicksburg, the foreign-born who fill the Union army's ranks, Lincoln's re-election, William Tecumseh Sherman's march to the sea and the fall of Richmond.

About the Author
Husband and wife team Keith and Rusty McNeil have been interpreting American history through folksong for the past 30 years. They have traveled throughout the United States and Canada, researching and performing songs about America's social history and popular culture. They have taught courses on history through folksong at universities, state colleges and community colleges. In addition to their research and concert appearances, they conduct traditional music tours and workshops in Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Japan and Zimbabwe. Their publications include Colonial & Revolution and Civil War Songbooks,bothwith historical commentary. Their recordings include American History Through Folksong - six volumes (15 CDs) of recorded songs and narration; and California History Through Folksong - two volumes (4 CDs). When not traveling, the McNeils reside in Riverside, California.