Shanties from the Seven Seas
Last updated: 22.11.19
Printed: 1994 Author: Stan Hugill
Publisher: Routeledge & Kegan Paul Ltd ISBN: 0913372706
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Stan Hugill was the last living shantyman in the United Kingdom, having sailed on board ships where shantying was still alive and well. He gained his information and his songs from primary sources, all of whom are no longer available. Every person who works to keep the maritime traditions alive, particularly the sailors' work songs of the 18th and 19th centuries, owes Stan a huge debt for developing an interest in a dying custom in time to preserve some of it. Stan was above all a meticulous scholar and born educator; Shanties from the Seven Seas is the outcome of an incredible amount of recollection substantiated by extensive research. Among professional shanty singers we refer to this book as Stan's Bible, and if one is interested on an enthusiast's level in maritime music, Shanties from the Seven Seas is a must-read. Stan has written many other books and papers, but this is the one that without fail will be found in a maritime historian's library.
Stan Hugill died in May 1992, but he has left us with a priceless legacy of knowledge