The 1st Album of Harry Lauder's Popular Songs
Last updated: 01.07.20
Printed: 1971 Author: Harry Lauder
Publisher: Francis, Day & Hunter ISBN: F. & D. Ltd 18196
Copyright: 1905    
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Publisher's blurb
Full words, music, tonic sol-fa & ukelele arrangement
Biographical Sketch by Charles Wilmott
Personal remarks:
This is a treasure of an old songbook in perfect condition collected together with its companion volume, The 5th Album of Harry Lauder's Popular Songs from a York second-hand book shop in 2001 each costing a whole £1! (original price 2 shillings and sixpence). The album is a collection of unedited facsimiles, some quite hard to decipher, of quite ancient song sheets.
  1. I love a Lassie (Ma Scotch Bluebell),
  2. She's ma daisy
  3. The Saftest o' the family
  4. Stop yer tickling, Jock!
  5. Wee Nelly McKie frae Skye
  6. Early in the morning
  7. Bonnie Hielan' Mary
  8. The Last of the Sandies
  1. Tobermory
  2. Killiecrankie
  3. If I were in the L.C.C
  4. Calligan - Call again!
  5. Jerry-Co
  6. I'm the man they left behind
  7. Some folks do and other people don't
  8. I took him up to take him down
  9. That's the reason noo I wear the kilt