Heinrich Schutz
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1986 Author: Douglas Miller
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: 0313248842
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Amazon Review
A happy colloboration between choral conductor and librarian that will be greeted with relief and gratitude by anyone who might be contemplating the performance of any work by Schutz. With three collected editions at various stages of completion, and nearly 80 publishers involved in the publication of Schutz projects or individual works, this superb source will save enormous amounts of energy and alleviate frustration caused by lack of information concerning the language of the edition and the notes, whether or not the figured bass is realized, and indications of transposition. Three indexes are provided, a complete title index by Schtz-Werke Verzeichnis (SWV) number, a text source index, and, perhaps the most useful of all, an index of performance forces employed. A must for all college reference shelves.Choice
. . . The book is well organized and requires only a few moments to digest the method of citation and the abbreviations. The indexes provide a very flexible method of searching for a particular composition, with the Performing Forces Index being the most useful. The book is hardcover and of quality workmanship. This would be an excellent addition to any music library, personal or academic.Choral Journal