Domenico Scarlatti
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1983 Author: Ralph Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Princeton Univiversity Press ISBN: 0691027080
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Paperback - 496 pages (December 1, 1983), usually ships within 2-3 days.
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A Scarlatti Primer..Plus
The first 7 chapters are historical narratives without unusual merit except as an intoduction to the real book which is about music. There is a chapter on harpsichords. Kirkpatrick was not the first thinker on Scarlatti as evidenced by the extensive bibliography and appendix
He did establish the K identification number system which has stood the test of time at least in this country.
His real contribution is in identifying Scarlatti as a real musician writing music of extraordinary merit. His chapter on Scarlatti's harmony is very difficult reading.
The last chapter on "Performance of the Scarlatti Sonatas" should be read again and again by every musical teacher and student (he talks about tempo, rhythm, phrasing, articulation and attitudes).
Of course, one must have the sheet music on hand to see what it's all about, and a mind-set ready to accept Scarlatti into the company of Chopin and Liszt as well as Granados and Albeniz.

Kirkpatrick talks a little about the influence of Iberian song and dance forms on the sonatas of Scarlatti; a few others have scattered hints on this subject. I think the world would welcome a full-blown research here as a fitting sequel to this book.

Domenico Scarlatti
An indispensable reference for all those interested in one of the greatest keyboardists of all time. Kirkpatrick's work is one of real scholarship. Written in 1953, no one has since bested it.

pioneering effort
This book is an indispensable reference for those studying the great composer Domenico Scarlatti.