The Operas of Alessandra Scarlatti
Last updated: 25.04.19
Printed: 1983 Author: Alessandro Scarlatti,
Publisher: Harvard University Press ISBN: 0674640349
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Paperback Vol 8 (December 1983), usually ships within 2-3 days.
Amazon Review
Donald Grout's widely praised edition of the work of a key figure in the history of opera provides the most reliable version of the score for each opera, appending a translation of the libretto. These volumes are "at once practical and unquestionably scholarly" in the words of Opera Journal. A tale of love and honor in the opera seria tradition, Tigrane was first performed at Naples in 1715. This edition of it will please performance groups and music historians alike.
Donald Jay Grout is Given Foundation Professor of Musicology Emeritus, Cornell University; Michael Coffins is Professor of Music, North Texas State University.
Operas already available: Eraclea, Marco Attilia Regolo, Griselda, The Faithful Princess, Massimo Puppieno, La Caduta de' Decemviri, and Gli Equivoci nel Sernbiante.