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Last updated: 25.05.20
Printed: 1939 Author: Arranger: Lew Stern
Publisher: Keith Prowse Music Publ. Co. ISBN:  
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Keith Prowse' 13th Selection of Popular Song Successes
Sheet music: 8 pages
I acquired a copy of this work in a Malvern book shop whilst on holiday in England for all of 50p. It had once been owned by a certain Joan Savage.
This sonbook is meant for commumity singing and is a collection of choruses.
  1. Beer Barrel Polka
  2. It's in the Air
  3. Army, the Navy and the Air Force
  4. The Old Tin Helmet
  5. Wear a Great big Smile
  6. Hand in Hand
  7. The Army Fell For little Isabell
  8. Why Did I Kiss That Girl?
  9. The Stein Song