Solid Gold Maori Songs
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1990 Author: Sam Freedman
Publisher: Seven Seas Publishing Pty Ltd ISBN:  
Copyright: Seven Seas 1973    
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12 Best sellers, traditional and contemporary Maori music. Collected and arranged for piano by Sam Freedman.
Personal remarks:
This is a much-loved book of Maori music which I acquired when on holiday in New Zealand in 1994. The twelve songs are Pokarekare (A Maori Love Song) (perhaps the most well-known), Manu Rere, Karu Karu, Hoki Mai, Poi Waka, Tahi Nei Taru Kino, Haere mai (Song of Welcome), Hine e hine (Maori Lullaby), Pania of the Reef, E Pari Ra, Ka mate! Ka mate! (Maori Haka) (a somewhat surprising choice - for me, that is - Haka composed by Te Rauparaha) and finally Haere Ra E Hine.
This is an excellently laid songbook with straightforward arrangements which do not detract from the original beautiful melodies. A must for all collectors of New Zealand music!