Carl Nielsen (20th-Century Composers)
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1997 Author: Jack Lawson
Publisher: Phaidon Press Inc ISBN: 0714835072
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Paperback - 240 pages (May 1997), usually ships within 24 hours.
Amazon Editorial Review
Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) is one of those composers who tend to be a late discovery on the part of lovers of classical music. Yet he need not be an acquired taste; this is powerful, well-written music, fashioned on a classical, rather than romantic, base, and every bit as accessible as his better-known and more popular Scandinavian contemporary, Jean Sibelius. Nielsen is Denmark's one great claim to compositional fame, and in this new biography Jack Lawson traces his rise from impoverished farm boy to a dominant musical figure in the life of his country, and of Europe, not to mention to the position of one of the greatest symphony writers of all time.
This is one of Phaidon's 20th-Century Composers series, and as such strives to make its subject as accessible as possible to the music lover who is not necessarily a music expert.