Did They Mention the Music : The Autobiography of Henry Mancini
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2002 Author: Henry Mancini
Publisher: Cooper Square Press ISBN: 0815411758
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Paperback - 312 pages (February 2002) Usually ships within 2-3 days.
Amazon Review
A fabulous read!
As I have been an avid fan of Mr. Mancini's work for many years, I was eagerly awaiting the publication of this new extended edition of his autobiography. I wasn't disappointed!!
While co-written with jazz author Gene Lees, Henry's voice comes shining through as readers gain insight into the life of this remarkable man: his humble roots, his quirky sense of humour, his respect for those who worked for him, and the music that made him famous.
From a musical standpoint, this book is incredible! I strongly recommend having a lot of his music on hand as you read. Playing his music softly in the background while I read this book allowed me to listen with new ears. As he explains his rationale for the way his songs are written, the instruments he used, and how they reflect the movies they were used for, you'll want to have the music available to you so you can really hear what he is talking about.
Henry Mancini was truly one of a kind, and after reading this book, I can certainly agree with Gene Lees when he writes of Henry, "The world is a better place because he lived in it, but a smaller place because he left it."
This is one of the most insightful, informative and readable autobiographies I've ever read. Don't hesitate for a second to buy this book!