The Magnificent Eric Delaney
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2007 Author: Eddie Sammons
Publisher: Upfront Publishing ISBN: 978-1844264308
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Paperback: 332 pages
Amazon Review
ERIC DELANEY. ... a remarkable musician ... a remarkable showman ... a remarkable person ... a remarkable life Now, at last, Eric has given his blessing to a book about him and made his files and records available. Within these pages just a little of his dynamic life and his bands is revealed. He himself has a few words to say and so do his many friends and colleagues. "I think he's one of England's greatest performers" - Kenny "R2-D2" Baker "A wonderful human being." - Kenny Ball "The greatest showman without a doubt." - Elkie Brooks ".showman and musician supreme." - Tony Fisher "I've admired his musicianship and I admire him as a person." - Terry Lightfoot "Technically he is of the great showmen." - Humphrey Lyttelton "He's just fantastic." - Alan Skidmore "An absolute showman." - Sheila Southern That's ERIC DELANEY