Complete Piano Sonatas
Last updated: 05.05.20
Printed: 1984 Author: Joseph Haydn
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc. ISBN: 0486247260
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Paperback Vol 001 (October 1984)..
Amazon Review
Sam Roman from Palmetto, Fl. USA , February 5, 1999
Most are excellent. Haydn's early sonatas are short. Some are only 2 pages. No fingering is included. Until near the end technically they are easy. Only single notes. It is fairly easy to pick out the melodies and they are very nice. This is much more easy than Mozart's sonatas. These are similar to Clementi, but much less difficult. They are fun. No peddling indications. Since the piano in this period did not have the range of the modern piano, he did not write these very high, making it somewhat less hard. Low range is good however.