The Oxford English Reference Dictionary
Last updated: 26.02.22
Printed: 1786 Author: Judy Pearsall
Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0198600461
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Hardcover - 1786 pages 2nd edition (December 1999) Usually ships within 2-3 days.
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Book Description
A complete English dictionary and encyclopedic reference. Authoritative, accessible guidance on today's English. * Comprehensive coverage: Over 192,000 definitions and entries in accessible, jargon-free English, with current meanings or words listed first. * Contemporary and World English: Up-to-date coverage of new words, plus coverage of the English of Australasia, North America, and South Africa. * Practical help: Clear advice on English grammar, including full pronunciations, with fascinating facts about word origins, and usage notes within entries. * Scientific, technical, and specialist subjects: Detailed coverage of the vocabulary of many different fields, with entries ranging from atomic theory and cosmology to post-modernism, silicon, and snakes. * 100-page illustrated Factfinder. With scores of quick-reference tables and illustrations, this section provides a wealth of invaluable information: a chronology of world events; coverage of science, including the animal and plant kingdoms, astronomy, chemical elements, and the human body; the solar system; the arts, architecture, and music; and sports and games. 16 pages of full-colour world maps, along with specialist gazetteer data from the Andes to Adelaide, and Zurich to Zanzibar.