A European Folk-Song Book
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1948 Author: John Horton
Publisher: E.J. Arnold & Son Ltd ISBN:  
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Selected, freely translated, annotated and arranged 36 Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Rumanian, Greek, Swiss, Italian, Austrian, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Breton, French, Spanish, Welsh, Scots and Irish folk-songs with pianoforte accompaniments.
Personal remarks:
This is an interesting item which I picked up second-hand for the princely sum of £2.50 whilst on holiday in England sometime in 2000. It is well produced but its defects for me are that for the greater part, the original lyrics are not given and the translated lyrics appear to be truncated. For example, there is a version of Grün, grün, grün titles as "Green and White" [sic] with just two verses as against the four that I know of in German. I do like to "sing" songs in the original language, so much is always lost in translation. Having said all that, this song book has its merits in the piano accompaniments and all the new, for me, tunes. It is also striking how many of the selected folk songs have their literal counterparts in English folk music.