Lonnie Donegan's 25 Song Hits
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed:   Author: Lonnie Donegan
Publisher: Tyler Music Ltd ISBN:  
Copyright: Essex Music Ltd    

25 "Skiffle" songs, mostly American with some own compositions, for guitar and voice with melody line and chord diagrams.
Personal remarks:
This is an historically interesting song book containing most of Lonnie Donnegan's hits. It appears to be directed at guitar players just starting out as it contains a lot of information on tuning and inversions. Its principal demerits are that the printing (my copy) is poor, small and hard to read and that for many songs, pages have to be turned over.

Surfer's remarks:
Surfer Jörg Bischoff, using Book Review gives just 1 star from a possible 5 for Lonnie's efforts not quite reflecting my own opinion.
Surfer Rolf Bollman, writing on 18.04.2002 agrees with Jörg and also awards just one lousy star! Thanks a million both to Jörg and Rolf!

Writing on 19.11.2004, surfer Dennis Baker was much more positive and awarded four stars. This is what he had to say:
Lon was the pioneer of rock music in Britain. and started many hundreds of guitarist with this easy to learn and play style He also was one of the best singers we had. Raw energy in song and this book gets anyone started who wants to. He was the only person I paid money to go and watch and I learnt to play with skiffle, in particular "Lost John" and his version of "Fankie and Johny" is something else - listen to it!
Many thanks to you too, Dennis!