Hallelujah Trombone
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1982 Author: Paul E. Bierley
Publisher: C. L. Barnhouse Company ISBN: 0918048036
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Paperback, 156 pages, (November 1, 1982) Usually ships within 1-2 months.
Amazon Review
Hallelujah Trombone is a very thorough study of the life and work of Henry Fillmore, a publisher and composer of music for bands and wind ensembles. He was best known for writing ragtime tunes featuring the trombone which used the glissando, or smear, to humorous effect. He also wrote a number of excellent marches which are still played frequently across America and all over the world. Most high school and college musicians have no trouble recognizing his music, but few know about the composer who wrote it. Paul Bierley has done a spectacular job of bringing us a portrait of one of the most jovial and unforgettable composers of band music who ever lived. His efforts will be particularly appreciated by band directors, because Mr. Bierley has put forth considerable effort to catalogue the many works which Fillmore composed and arranged: however, professional, amateur, and student musicians will also enjoy reading this book to learn the background of Fillmore's music.