Requiem in Full Score
Last updated: 25.08.18
Printed: 1992 Author: Gabriel Faure
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc. ISBN: 0486271552
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Paperback - 128 pages reprint edition (July 1992) , usually able to ship it within 3-5 weeks.
Amazon Review
The requiem--the Roman Catholic mass for the dead--is one of those texts that has appealed to countless composers. You want bombast? You got bombast. You want serenely-secure-in-the-faith-of-life-everlasting? You got it. But if you hunger for a quietly comforting taste of the heavenly and ethereal, look no further than Gabriel Fauré's luminous, shimmering setting of the requiem. The Fauré Requiem, when well performed, offers calming succour to those who suffer the vicissitudes of grief. The soprano solo "Pie Jesu" is an exquisite prayer that can hardly fail to move the listener. To see how Fauré achieved his understated but uplifting effects, go through this complete Dover score. Like most Dover editions, this one is a reprint of another publisher's out-of-copyright work, and may contain some out-of-date scholarship. But it is a superb resource for the musician, professional, amateur, or listener.

Customer Review
Play this at my funeral, please! Reviewer: A reader from Houston, Texas April 13, 1999
I have performed this in three different choirs, singing both tenor and baritone, and it is, to me, the greatest Requiem every written. I have performed the Mozart, Verdi, Bach, and a few other Requiems, but none compare. Mozart is technically more complex. Verdi is GRANDER, by far. Bach's was terrific, but not his best work. However, the Fauré is the perfect blend of beauty, power, and ethereal elegance that easily associates with the ideal of heaven. Own it, sing it, or play it and know the peace of the life hereafter.