Rugby Songs
Last updated: 16.04.20
Printed: 1981 Author:  
Publisher: Sphere Books Ltd ISBN: 0722162251
Copyright: Harry Morgan 1967    
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Publisher's blurb: "Rugby songs are sung wherever Rugby is played, and in a lot of other places besides. This unique and comprehensive collection of more than 140 songs ranges from such all-time favourites as "Eskimo Nell" and "The Good Ship Venus" to lesser known but equally worthy gems gathered from every corner of the world."
In his amusing preface, Michael Green commends this book to all rugby players who can read, while even front-row forwards will enjoy having it spelled out for them.
Personal remarks:
This book of 186 Rugby songs contains a surprising number of relatively innocuous folk and sea songs, a number of which we sang in the Royal Navy. Such songs include "Maggie May", "The North Atlantic Squadron" and "Stormy Weather Boys".
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