Arcangelo Corelli
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1999 Author: Peter Allsop
Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 0198165625
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New Orpheus of Our Times (Oxford Monographs on Music)
Hardcover (July 1999), usually able to ship it within 3-5 weeks.
Table of Contents
List of Plates
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations
I The Man
1 The Legend: Fact and Fiction
2 Il Bolognese
3 Rome: The Early Years
4 Rome: The Late Years
II The Music
5 The Free Sonatas a 3 (1)
6 The Free Sonatas a 3 (2)
7 The Sonate da Camera a 3
8 The 'Solo' Sonatas
9 The Concerti Grossi
10 The Italian Legacy
11 Dissemination
Music Example