Nobilta Di Dame
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1990 Author: Fabritio Caroso
Publisher: Oxford University Press ISBN: 019311917X
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A Treatise on Courtly Dance, Together With the Choreography and Music of 49 Dances
Hardcover: 300 pages.
Amazon Review
Fabritio Caroso was dancing master to some of the greatest princely families of Italy, and Nobiltà di dame, his sumptuous collection of ballroom dances and their music, reflects an age that believed that the person of high rank should be a work of art, uniting strength and beauty. Caroso's detailed instructions (including rules for steps, style and etiquetter, and forty-eight actual choreographies) are unequalled by any contemporary manual in their specificity and clarity. Most dances are preceeded by an engraving showing the opening position and illustrating many aspects of dress, posture, and gesture. A full scholarly apparatus, giving new information unavailable elsewhere, makes the book even more valuable to dancers and to students of dance and music at the junction of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.