Los Angeles Street Concerto: Michala Petri plays Thomas Koppel
Last updated: 18.04.19
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Label: Marco Polo
Release Date: 20 June, 2006
Works by Thomas Koppel performed by Michala Petri with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra
  1. Largo, Fluente ' A Tempo, Fluente
  2. L'istesso Tempo Ma Non Pesante ' C N Moto ' Largo '
  3. Prestissimo ' Liberamente ' Presti Simo '
  4. Largo - Pi Lento
  5. I Know You're Crossing The Borders Somewhere
  6. And I Know You're Remembering, You Distant Boy
  7. And I'm Still Feeling You In My Ar S
  8. In Front Of The Castle With No Doo S
  9. Where The Living Dead Are Dancing
  10. There I Dance My Dance On Black Fe T
  11. And Later-on, In The Place That No One Knows
  12. I Give Birth To The Warm Fruit Of Ur Love
  13. And The Wild Foals Leave The Folds
  14. In A Symphony Of Galloping Hooves
  15. Aria: Lento Leggiero ' Pirouette '
  16. Recitativo And Duetto ' Lento Legg Ero '
  17. Inquieto ' Addio Fuggitivo '
  18. Addio Ultimo '