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Label: Nvv
Release Date: 16 August, 2005
Performed by Flanders Recorder Quartet with Ewald Demeyere , Steve Dugardin , Chris Joris, Luthomania, Capilla Flamenca
  1. Recercada Nr. 1 sobre el passamezzo antiguo/Recercada Nr. 8 sopre La Folia by Diego Ortiz
  2. Ye Sacred Muses by William Byrd
  3. Estampie by Anon
  4. Saltarello by Anonymous
  5. Mille regretz/Les miens aussi brief by Josquin des Préz
  6. Pavana lachrimae by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
  7. Ballo del Gran Ducca by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
  8. O Jove, From Stately Throne by Richard Farrant
  9. Prepare to die by Nathaniel Pattrick
  10. Batalha im Ton by Pedro de Araujo
  11. Scaramella fa la galla Louis Compère
  12. Scaramella by Josquin des Pres
  13. Complain With Tears by Anonymous
  14. Eliza, Her Name Gives Honour by John Bennet
  15. Recercada Nr. 2 sobre O felici occhi miei by Diego Ortiz
  16. Recercada Nr. 2 sobre el passamezzo moderno by Diego Ortiz