Banchetto Musicale
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Aeolus
Designation: AE - 10156
Works performed by Flanders Recorder Quartet
  1. Suite No. 20 in g (from Banchetto Musicale, 1617): Padouana, Gagliarda, Courente, Allemande,Tripla by Johann Hermann Schein
  2. Praeludium (Fantasia) and Fuga in c BWV 537 :Praeludium (Fantasia), Fuga by Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. La Marcha: by Tarquinio Merula
  4. La Livia by Tarquinio Merula
  5. Suite for Pipes (1939): Intrada, Minuet, Valse, Finale (Jig) by Ralph Vaughan Williams
  6. Three Gadgets (1999): Catch Phrases, Theatre of the Absurd, Flashing Flutes by Piet Swerts
  7. I Continenti (2002): Asia, South America, Oceania, North America, Africa by Jan Roost