Fancy Free
Last updated: 23.11.22
Label: AROW
Release Date: 2007-8
  1. Allegro Con Brio by Peter Seibert, Dir. American Recorder Society, Seattle
  2. Shenandoah (American Folksong), arr. by Geisler From a Choral arr. by James Erb
  3. Simple Gifts (Shaker Song), arr. by Geisler From a Choral Rene Clausen
  4. Humility (Shaker Song), arr. by Greta Hryciw From a Choral arr. by Ron Jeffers
  5. Summertime, arr. by Geisler -- George Gershwin
  6. Danzon (from Fancy Free Ballet), arr. by Geisler -- Leonard Bernstein
  7. Torrid Dora (an Interpolation of the Toreador Song from Carmen), arr. by Thomas Axworthy -- George Linus Cobb
  8. AROW & The Song (Setting of Longfellow's Poem) by Greta Hryciw 2007
  9. This We Know (from a Choral Setting of Chief Seattle's Speech), arr. by Ron Jeffers
  10. Yosemite Suite, Peter Seibert, 2007
  11. Creeping Dawn: Mountian & Shadow by Erik Pearson, 1995
  12. The Fipple Dance by Glen Shannon, 2007
  13. Moonlight Serenade, arr. by Geisler -- Glenn Miller
  14. Take Five, arr. by Stan Davis -- Paul Desmond
  15. Baby Elephant Walk, arr. by Geisler -- Henry Mancini
  16. Liberty Bell March, arr. by Hryciw -- John Philip Sousa