Scallywag: Tribute to Billy Mayerl
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Priory Records
Designation: No. 565
Release Date: May 27, 1997
  1. Jasmine, Billy Mayerl
  2. Oriental, Billy Mayerl
  3. Minuet for Pamela, Billy Mayerl
  4. Fascinating Ditty, Billy Mayerl
  5. Me and My Girl, musical Me And My Girl, Noel Gay
  6. You're the Reason Why, Billy Mayerl
  7. Blue Velvet, for solo violin, Jos. Carpay
  8. Transcription for piano of Parks,Tomlin & Poe's "Sittin' on the Edge of My Chair", Billy Mayerl
  9. Scallywag, Billy Mayerl
  10. Funny Peculiar, Billy Mayerl
  11. Chopsticks, Op. 79, Billy Mayerl
  12. Mayerl Shots Set 3, Eric Parkin
  13. The Pompous Gremlin, Frederic Bayco
  14. My Heaven In The Pines, Con Conrad
  15. Alabamy Bound, Ray Henderson
  16. Studies in Syncopation, Op 55 No. 7 Chromatic Discords, Billy Mayerl
  17. Studies in Syncopation, Op 55 No. 14 Sustained Left Hand, Misplaced Accents, Billy Mayerl
  18. Studies in Syncopation, Op 55 No. 10 Irregular Accents, Billy Mayerl
  19. Studies in Syncopation, Op 55 No. 15 Precise Right Hand Staccato, Billy Mayerl
  20. Studies in Syncopation, Op 55 No. 18 Presto, a Metrical Exercise, Billy Mayerl
  21. Stardust, Hoagy Carmichael
  22. Please Handle With Care, Pat Ballard
  23. Transcription for piano of Roy, Black, & Currie's "Two Lovely People", Billy Mayerl
  24. Two Hearts On A Tree, Peter Yorke
  25. Carminetta, Billy Mayerl
  26. Mignonette, Billy Mayerl
  27. Penny Whistle, Billy Mayerl