Drugstore Cabaret
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Premier Recordings
Release Date: 1995-10-24
  1. At The Old Drug Store
  2. Drug Store Cow-Boys
  3. Two-Lip Salve
  4. They've Got Me Doin' It Now
  5. The Drugstore Song
  6. Just Make It Moxie For Mine/We Found That He'd Been Drinking Coca-Cola
  7. The Difference In The Morning/Murphy's Head/The Corckscrew Curve, Or Jolly Musicians In Search Of...
  8. Go Call The Doctor, And Be Quick, Or Anti-Calomel
  9. Cures, By A Curious Curist
  10. Doctor Munyon
  11. Ju-Jah
  12. Thermogene
  13. Brown-Sequard's Elixir
  14. The Ballad Of Lydia Pinkham
  15. The Keeley Cure
  16. Oh! Doctor
  17. The Drug Store Cabaret