Amazing Grace
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Bmg/Camden
Release Date: 02 April, 1998
  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Scotland The Brave
  3. Pipe Band Medley A) Hills Of Alva B) Donald Willie & His Dog C) Second To None D) Miss Girdle E) Do
  4. Highland Laddie
  5. Earl Of Mansfield
  6. Medley- A) Highland Craddle B) Wee Highland Laddie C) The MurdoīS Wedding D) Lord Lovat's Lament E)
  7. Schttish Waltz
  8. Dark Island
  9. Day Is Ended
  10. Campbelltoen Loch
  11. Going Home
  12. Belmont
  13. Abride With Me
  14. Scottish Soldier ( The Green Hills Of Tyrol)
  15. Medley (Marches) A) The Black Of Bannachie B) The Drunken Piper C) 72ndīS Farewell To Aberdeen D) C
  16. Drum Salute
  17. Medley (Trot & Canter)- Kell Row-Bonnie Dundee
  18. Medley (Slow March & Walk)- A) Grab Of Old Gaul B) Men Of Harlech
  19. Russian Imperial Anthem
  20. Heykens' Serenade (Standchen)
  21. Jubilant
  22. Reveille
  23. Cornet Carillon
  24. Road To The Isles
  25. Littel Drummer Boy