Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Arc
Designation: EUCD0223
Release Date: 19. August 2002
  1. Far O'er the Sea/Within a Mile O' Edinburgh Toon/The Meeting of the Wat
  2. Salute to the Royal Fendersmith
  3. Mrs. Ian MacLean/Inverary Caslte/Alex C. MacGregor
  4. Molly Malone/The Jolly Beggar Man/Paddy M'Ginty's Goat/Cork Hill/Oft th
  5. Flowers of the Forest/The Battle of the Somme
  6. Miss Elspeth Campbell/Arniston Castle/Kalabakan
  7. Slaves of Nabucco
  8. 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio/8Th Argylls Crossing the River Po
  9. Wee Spring - Dr. Angus Macdonald
  10. Largo From Xerxes (1738), George F. Handel
  11. Dark Island/Miss Kirkwood Leaving Lismore
  12. Lady Lever Park/Struan Robinson/Kirsty MacAllmans Favourite/Bessie McIn
  13. My Ain Fireside
  14. Alien Pipes
  15. Highland Laddie/Teribus
  1. Johnny Cope/Donald Blue
  2. Blue Horn/Blue Bonnets/Leaving Port/Askaig
  3. Bonnnie Dundee/Queen Elizabeth March/10th Battalion H.L.I. (Crossing th
  4. Herding Song/Steamboat/Roes Among the Heather/The Kilt Is My Delight/Ka
  5. Pipe Major Bob Browns Farewell to the Ballochbuie Forest/Tulloch Castle
  6. Road to Sham Shui Po/Far Over Struy/My Faithful Fair One
  7. Broadswords/Cock O' the North/Loudens Woods/Aspen Bank/Ada Crawford/Hig
  8. Greenwood Side/Drunkan Piper/Back of the Bennachie/Scotland the Brave/B
  9. Bells of Perth
  10. Brown Haired Maiden/A Man's Man/Brothers Three/Hot Punch/Corn Rigs
  11. My Home/Highland Cradle Song
  12. Soldier's Return