Scottish Bagpipes
Last updated: 03.05.17
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Label: Ethnic
Designation: 6829
Release Date: June 10, 1996
  1. The Lament for MacSwan of Roaig - MacDonald, Angus
  2. Braeriach/Paddy O'Rafferty/Old Wife of the Mill Dust - MacGillivray, Dunca
  3. Land of the Leal/Mrs. Stewart of Grand Tully/Cuttys Wedding/Captain H - MacGillivray, Dunca
  4. The Stronsat Waltz/Ferry Loupses - Morrisson, Ian
  5. Torment/Zito the Bubbleman - Morrisson, Ian
  6. Lizbeth and the Train/Journey North - Kirkwall City Pipe
  7. Cearcall a Chuain/Deil Among the Tailors/Mason's Apron - Duncan, Gordon
  8. Sir James of the Bing's/China Room/Cat and Dog/Snuff Wife - Duncan, Gordon
  9. Mary Scott, Flower Of Yarrow - Mooney, Gordon
  10. Douglas Tragedy/Follow Her over the Border/New Drops of Brandy - Mooney, Gordon
  11. Lindisfarne/Lassies of Melrose - Mooney, Gordon
  12. Bonnie Breast Not/Highway to Linton - Mooney, Gordon
  13. Fauden Side Polka [The Hawk] - Mooney, Gordon
  14. Dusky Meadow/Lassiesa Fashion/Miss E MacLeod/Port Mairi Nighean Alast - MacDonald, Angus