Zona Vevey - I Recall the Days
Last updated: 22.11.22
Label: Windyridge
Designation: CDR26
  1. Every Sunday evening
  2. Wee Macgregor
  3. Mary
  4. I'm waiting for Mary by the Water wheel,
  5. My Shepherd Boy
  6. The Piper and the Drummer
  7. Song birds in the Dell
  8. The Little Church across the way
  9. Pretty Little Cupid
  10. Nelson
  11. My bonnie Lassie
  12. The Curfew Bell
  13. When you're in love with someone
  14. My wedding day tomorrow
  15. The lads from our village
  16. In my cabin by the lagoon
  17. I recall the days
  18. Sun Brown Sue
  19. The one man band
  20. Ida from Idaho
  21. I know a cosy nest
  22. Give me a summer's evening
  23. That mountain Melody
  24. Sandy McAdoo
  25. Ding Dong