Northern Link
Last updated: 18.12.19
Release Date: 2006
Ship'n Whales: Høgne Skøld, Per Robert Jøntvedt, Frank Robert Thomsen, Ølvind Nefstad, Ivar Nefstad and Svend Martens together with Blind Man's Buff: Kerstin Lorentzen, Erik Frotscher, Roland Tank and Andreas Köpke.
  1. According to the Act
  2. Blood Red Roses
  3. The Banks of the Sacramento
  4. Captain Kidd
  5. The Grey Funnel Line
  6. Go to Sea Once More [Off to Sea Once More]
  7. Fella From Fortune
  8. Trade of Slaves
  9. Heidi Marie
  10. Running Down to Cuba
  11. Noon Lassies Set
  12. May Morning
  13. Paradise Girl
  14. Grimsby Lads
  15. The Baleana
  16. Westering Home
  17. Weldon
  18. Paddy west