Ella Shields - Burlington Bertie from Bow
Last updated: 10.08.21
Label: Windyridge
Designation: CDR12
  1. Burlington Bertie from Bow
  2. Baa Lambs
  3. I'm walking ‘round the world
  4. I don't admire the girl in White (In the Army)
  5. Oh! It's a lovely war
  6. Coo-ee
  7. Stick to London Town
  8. The King's Navee
  9. What a difference the Navy's made to me
  10. Smith, Jones, Robinson and Brown
  11. Why did you creep into my heart
  12. Murphy, McCarthy, McGinty and McGhee
  13. Why did I kiss that girl
  14. I'm not there at all
  15. All the nice girls are in the ballroom
  16. Show me the way to go home
  17. When the bloom is on the heather
  18. If you knew Susie like I know Susie
  19. San Francisco
  20. Jolly Good fellows
  21. I'd do it all over again
  22. Everybody's singing, Nelly Grey