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Label: CDBY
Release Date: June 2, 2009
  1. Girl With the Blue Dress/Jenny Lind Polka
  2. The Painful Plough
  3. Bridgwater Fair
  4. When the Cock Crows it is Day/Gander in the Pratie hole
  5. Over The Hills and Far Away
  6. It\'s a Rosebud in June
  7. Donkey riding
  8. Shewbury Lasses/4th Dragoons March/St Vincent\'s Hornpipe
  9. The Derby Ram
  10. The Gentle Maiden/Herd on the Hill
  11. A Wooing Song of a Yeoman of Kent\'s Sonne
  12. Hey! John Barleycorn
  13. Welsh Droving Song/The Old Drove Road
  14. Ye Tyrants of England
  15. Spanish Ladies