English Song Series: Vol. 3
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Collins Classics
Designation: COLL15002
Release Date: May 12, 1997
Songs by Peter Warlock
  1. The Curlew: O Curlew, cry no more in the air
  2. The Curlew: Pale brows, still hands and dim hair
  3. The Curlew: I cried when the moon was murmuring to the birds
  4. The Curlew: Interlude
  5. The Curlew: I wandered by the edge of this desolate lake
  6. Lillygay: The distracted maid
  7. Lillygay: Burd Ellen and young Tamlane
  8. Lillygay: Rantum Tantum
  9. Lillygay: Peter Warlock's Fancy
  10. Peterisms, 1st set: Chopcherry
  11. Peterisms, 1st set: A sad song
  12. Peterisms, 1st set: Rutterkin
  13. Peterisms, 1st set: My gostly Fader
  14. Peterisms, 1st set: Bright is the ring of words
  15. Saudades: Along the stream
  16. Saudades: Take, O take thoes lips away
  17. Saudades: Heraclitus
  18. Saudades: The clothes of Heaven
  19. Saudades: The frostbound wood
  20. Saudades: Bethlehem Down
  21. Saudades: Sweet and twenty
  22. Saudades: And wilt thou leave me thus?
  23. Saudades: Mr. Belloc's Fancy
  24. Peterisms, 2nd set: Roister Doister
  25. Peterisms, 2nd set: Spring
  26. Peterisms, 2nd set: Lusty Juventus
  27. Peterisms, 2nd set: The bachelor
  28. Peterisms, 2nd set: Always to Twiver
  29. Peterisms, 2nd set: Captain Stratton's Fancy