Cockney Kings of the Music Hall
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: saydisc
Release Date: 16 Oct. 1995
  1. If It Wasn't For The Houses In Between, sung by Gus Elen
  2. Any Old Iron, sung by Harry Champion
  3. The Future Mrs ' Awkins, sung by Albert Chevalier
  4. Wait A Minute, sung by Tom Woottwell
  5. Meat, Meat, sung by Fred Earle
  6. And The Fog Grew Thicker And Thicker, sung by Ernie Mayne
  7. The Coster's Christening, sung by Duncan And Godfrey
  8. And His Days Work Was Done, sung by George Brooks
  9. I've Only Been Married A Week, sung by Charles Austin
  10. The Penny Whistle, sung by Freddie Lay
  11. I'm Getting Ready for My Mother-In-Law, sung by Harry Champion
  12. I've Only Coming Down For The Day, sung by Sam Mayo
  13. The Germans Are Coming, So They Say, sung by Harry Bedford
  14. Linquisitive Kiddie, sung by Ben Albert
  15. Down The Road, sung by Gus Elen
  16. The Day That I Became A Millionaire, sung by Harry Ford
  17. The May-Day Fireman, sung by Dan Leno
  18. Mamma's Darling Boy, sung by Herbert Campbell
  19. Man, sung by Harry Randall
  20. My Next Door Neighbour's Garden, sung by Herbert Darnley
  21. Won't Yer Buy Some Beer, sung by Nat Travers
  22. The King Of Karactacus, sung by Rich And Rich
  23. Right As Ninepence, sung by Albert Chevalier
  24. Should Husbands Work, sung by Charles Coborn
  25. Finale, sung by Harry Champion