Wade In The Water
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Smithsonian Folkways
Release Date: 21 January, 1997
No. Title MP3's
1. There Is a Balm in Gilead flag15us.gif 
2. We Shall Walk Through the Valley flag15us.gif 
3. Roll, Jordan, roll - Princely Players flag15us.gif 
4. I've Been Buked and I've Been Scorned flag15us.gif 
5. Swing low, sweet chariot - Princely Players flag15us.gif 
6. Joshua fit de battle - Fisk Jubilee Singers flag15us.gif 
7. Wade in the Water flag15us.gif 
8. Deep River - Howard University Chamber Choir flag15us.gif 
9. Listen to the Lambs flag15us.gif 
10. Ev'ry time I feel the spirit - Florida A&M University Concert Choir flag15us.gif 
11. Oh freedom - Princely Players flag15us.gif 
12. Gospel Train flag15us.gif 
13. I'm a Rolling Through an Unfriendly World flag15us.gif 
14. Sometimes I feel - Kehembe Eichelberger flag15us.gif 
15. Steal Away flag15us.gif 
16. Go in the Wilderness flag15us.gif 
17. Ezekial Saw the Wheel flag15us.gif 
18. Ain't Got Time to Die flag15us.gif 
19. Wade in the Water flag15us.gif 
No. Title MP3's
1. Sign of the Judgement flag15us.gif 
2. Lay Down Body flag15us.gif 
3. Lay Down Body flag15us.gif 
4. You Got a Right to the Tree of Life flag15us.gif 
5. One Morning Soon flag15us.gif 
6. I Want to Go Where Jesus Is flag15us.gif 
7. You Better Run to the City of Refuge flag15us.gif 
8. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say flag15us.gif 
9. Give Me Jesus flag15us.gif 
10. I Am a Soldier in the Army of the Lord flag15us.gif 
11. Am I a Soldier of the Cross? flag15us.gif 
12. Early My God Without Delay flag15us.gif 
13. Come and go - Congregational Song flag15us.gif 
14. Glory, Glory Hallelujah Since I Laid My Burden Down flag15us.gif 
15. A Charge to Keep I Have flag15us.gif 
16. Traditional Prayer With Moans flag15us.gif 
17. Sit Down Servant flag15us.gif 
No. Title MP3's
1. Stand by Me flag15us.gif 
2. We'll Understand It Better flag15us.gif 
3. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? flag15us.gif 
4. Something Within flag15us.gif 
5. He'll Understand and Say Well Done flag15us.gif 
6. Touch Me, Lord Jesus flag15us.gif 
7. It's a Highway to Heaven flag15us.gif 
8. Little Wooden Church on the Hill flag15us.gif 
9. I Was Standing by the Bedside of a Neighbor flag15us.gif 
10. How I Got Over flag15us.gif 
11. Speak to Me Jesus flag15us.gif 
12. Does Jesus Care flag15us.gif 
13. Just a Closer Walk With Thee flag15us.gif 
14. God Is Still on the Throne flag15us.gif 
15. God Specializes flag15us.gif 
16. Precious Lord flag15us.gif 
No. Title MP3's
1. Jesus Is on the Mainline flag15us.gif 
2. Ye That Without Sin, Cast the First Stone flag15us.gif 
3. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen - Poole Brothers flag15us.gif 
4. A Charge to Keep I Have flag15us.gif 
5. There'll Be Singin Over Yonder flag15us.gif 
6. Nearer My God to Thee flag15us.gif 
7. Put Your Trust in Jesus flag15us.gif 
8. Who'll Be a Witness For My Lord flag15us.gif 
9. Lead Me, Guide Me flag15us.gif 
10. God Is So Good to Me flag15us.gif 
11. Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray flag15us.gif 
12. Peace in the Valley flag15us.gif 
13. Hold to God's Unchanging Hand flag15us.gif 
14. Let All the People Praise Him flag15us.gif 
15. Yes, Lord (Church of God in Christ Chant) flag15us.gif