Scottish Ceilidh Music Volume 1
Last updated: 03.05.17
Release Date: 31 January, 2000
  1. GALLOWAY HOUSE Aitken Drum, Rakes o' Mallow, Claverhouse Reel, CM Barbour The Lothian Scottish Dance Band
  2. THE APPLE TREE CTS Empress, Agnes Ritchie, Pottinger's Reel Sandy Coghill
  3. ARTHUR BIGNOLD OF LOCH ROSQUE Sprig of IvySandy Coghill
  4. IRISH REELS The Gravel Walk, The Big Reel (Callightown/Co Kerry) Freeland Barbour
  5. MARCHES AND REELS The New Road to Atholl, The Scottish Horse March, The Rebel's Flight from Cawnpore, Jean's Reel Freeland Barbour
  6. GAELIC WALTZ My Mother, Leaving Skye, Sine Bahn The Lothian Scottish Dance Band
  7. THE COLLEGE HORNPIPE Miss Gaytons, The Braes of Gleniffer, The Navvie The Lothian Scottish Dance Band
  8. 6/8 MARCHES Donald MacLean, The Ross Battery Freeland Barbour
  9. NORTH AMERICAN REELS Sally was a Good 'un, Bowing the Strings Freeland Barbour
  10. JIG OF SLURS Corkhill, Ness BothanSandy Coghill
  11. AIR AND SHETLAND REELS Fire in the Hearth, Colgrave Sound, Robertson's Reel Freeland Barbour
  12. MADAME BONAPARTE Harvest Home, The Seven Stars Sandy Coghill
  13. THE TEETOTALLER Anne's Reel, Perrie Hoose A'hint the Burn, Miss Susan Cooper Sandy Coghill
  14. POLKA The Border Polka The Lothian Scottish Dance Band
  15. HIGHLAND SCOTTISCHE Alison & Bobby's Farewell to the Chase, Captain Campbell The Lothian Scottish Dance Band
  16. WALTZ The Glens of Angus, We'd Better Bide A Wee, The Road to Dundee, My Mother Sandy Coghill
  17. JIGS Paddy's Leather Breeches, The Curlew, The Tenpenny Bit Freeland Barbour
  18. THE INVERNESS GATHERING The Man from Skye Sandy Coghill
  19. CONTINENTAL WALTZ Radio - Valse The Lothian Scottish Dance Band
  20. DASHING WHITE SERGEANT The Bore Stone, The Highland Lassie, Miss Mary Douglas The Lothian Scottish Dance Band