The Golden Hits
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Pearl
Release Date: 01 September, 1998
  1. Yours
  2. Wishing (Will Make It So)
  3. The General's Fast Asleep(1935), by Michael Carr
  4. Harbour Lights
  5. Who's Taking You Home Tonight?
  6. Be Like The Kettle And Sing
  7. It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
  8. There's A New World Over the Skyline
  9. Jealousy
  10. A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
  11. That Lovely Weekend
  12. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)
  13. More And More
  14. Only Forever
  15. The London I love
  16. A Star Fell Out Of Heaven
  17. The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot, by Michael Carr
  18. Goodnight Children Everywhere
  19. When The Lights Go On Again
  20. The White Cliffs Of Dover
  21. We'll meet again, by Ross Parker and Hughie Charles
  22. Goodnight Wherever You Are