Down In Me Own Backyard
Last updated: 18.12.19
Release Date: 2003
  1. Danny's
  2. The Fearless Mariner
  3. The Xat and The Hoover/Kitten Mitten
  4. Cat up a Tree
  5. Jack Crawford
  6. Sunderland Oak
  7. Is ther Owt Secure? The Owld Pubs
  8. Schoolday's End
  9. All The Roads To Whitby
  10. Midnight Whitby Harbour
  11. Decoratin'
  12. My December Rose/The Dancy Waltz/Gateshead Flower Show
  13. Ode To The Leek
  14. Here's To The Bottle And The Glass
  15. The Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade
  16. Down in me Own Back Yard
  17. The Day We Went to the Coast