Undiscovered Australia II
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Musica Pangaea
Release Date: 30 December, 1997
  1. Overlanders, The
  2. Streets Of Forbes
  3. Jog Along 'Till Shearing
  4. Andy's Gone With Cattle
  5. Travellin' Down The Castlereagh
  6. Song Of Artesian Waters
  7. Shearing At Castlereagh
  8. Free Selector's Daughter, The
  9. With The Cattle
  10. The New Chum (New Chum Shearer)
  11. Outside Track, The
  12. Where The Dead Men Lie
  13. Lights Of Cobb And Co., The
  14. Old Australian Ways
  15. No More Boomerang
  16. Song Of The Wheat
  17. Northward To The Sheds
  18. Grey Gulf Water, The