Land of Lots of Time
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: EMI
Release Date: October 23, 1997
  1. Easy Goin'drifter
  2. The Westerway Walt
  3. The Last Of The Valley Ma
  4. Song Of The Macleay
  5. Keela Valley
  6. The Old Woolshed Do
  7. The Land Of Lots Of Time
  8. Old Bush Mates Of Mine
  9. Mad Jack's Cockatoo
  10. Cosy Inn
  11. Charley Gray's Barn Dance
  12. The Old Rocking Horse
  13. The Dying Stockman
  14. Bill
  15. The Black Velvet Band
  16. High Wide And Hansome
  17. Born To Be A Rolling Stone
  18. Along The Road Of Song
  19. Sweeney
  20. Down At Charley Gray's
  21. When They Muster On The G
  22. Once When I Was Mustering
  23. Man From The Never Never
  24. Jumpin'the Rattler
  25. Song Of Australia
  26. Back To The Saltbush Plain
  27. Laughter In The Hills
  28. Condamine Horse Bell
  29. The Bushman's Song
  30. The Pub With No Beer
  31. Answer To Pub with no beer
  32. Sequel To Pub with no beer