Wilkie Bard - She Sells Sea Shells
Last updated: 16.07.20
Label: Windyridge
Release Date: CDR13
Works and songs by Wilkie Bard
  1. The Cleaner
  2. All Day And Martin
  3. Sea Shells
  4. The Policeman (I'm There If I'm Wanted)
  5. You, You, You
  6. Let Me Sing
  7. My Little Deitcher Girl
  8. I've Struck A Chorus
  9. Put Me Upon An Island
  10. Will You Sing This Glee With Me?
  11. When The Bugle Calls
  12. I Want To Sing In Opera
  13. I Can Say "Truly Rural"
  14. I Really Can't Reach That Top Note
  15. Come Up In My Balloon
  16. See Me Dance The Minuet
  17. Valse, Valse, Valse
  18. All Change For Llanfairfechan
  19. Robert Go To Dinner
  20. Doorkeeper At Frightleys
  21. The Wriggly Rag
  22. Don't Play In The Shadows
  23. You've Got To Sing In Ragtime
  24. The Bathing Machine Attendant