Lovely on the Water
Last updated: 01.01.21
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Label: Fellside
Designation: FECD151
Release Date: 11th May, 2000
No. Title MP3's
1. Tarry trousers flag15de.gif 
2. Green valley flag15de.gif 
3. Low down in the broom flag15de.gif 
4. The Cruel Mother flag15de.gif 
5. Crafty maid's policy flag15de.gif 
6. The Maid on the shore flag15de.gif 
7. Frog and the mouse flag15de.gif 
8. Lovely on the water flag15de.gif 
9. Brown girl flag15de.gif 
10. Young girl cut down in her prime flag15de.gif 
11. Unquiet grave flag15de.gif 
12. Saucy sailor flag15de.gif 
13. Two sisters flag15de.gif 
14. Here's the Tender Coming Album only
15. Nightingale Album only
16. Sailor laddie Album only
17. Liberty for the Sailors Album only
18. Sailor boy Album only
19. Jordan Album only
20. Mouse's song Album only