I Heard a Woman Singing
Last updated: 01.01.21
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Label: Flying Fish
Designation: CDFF332
Release Date: 06 October, 2000
No. Title MP3's
1. Cattle Call flag15us.gif 
2. Mr. Fox flag15us.gif 
3. Come Geordie, Hold the Bairn flag15us.gif 
4. My Daughter, My Son flag15us.gif 
5. Nothing Between Us Now flag15us.gif 
6. New Boots flag15us.gif 
7. Millworker flag15us.gif 
8. Lady Margaret flag15us.gif 
9. Tam Lin flag15us.gif 
10. Taken by Surprise flag15us.gif 
11. The Ballad of Erica Levine flag15us.gif 
12. I Don't Want Your Red, Red Roses flag15us.gif