Bee Palmer (1894-1967)
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b0011zv4z8_m.jpgPlease Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Words and Music by: Sidney Clare.
Co-Author: Sam H. Stept, Bee Palmer
Performed by: Bee Palmer
Publisher: Jerome H. Remick & Co.
Suppliers: flag15us.gif
Printed: 1930. Sheet Music.
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audioextmp315.gif I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues (1932) H. Arlen Bee Palmer
D. Rose
audioextmp315.gif Singin' the Blues (1931) J.F. McHugh Bee Palmer
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif I Want to Shimmie (1919) S. Brooks (music)
G. Clarke (coauth.)
Bee Palmer (perf.)
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     Title Composer Attribution Items
perf15.jpg I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues (1932) Harry Arlen Ted Koehler (words)  audioextmp315.gif
perf15.jpg Did You Mean It? (1927) Phil Baker(w&m) Sid Silverman (co-author)
Abe Lyman (co-author)
perf15.jpg I Want to Shimmie (1919) Shelton Brooks Grant Clarke (co-author)
perf15.jpg Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (1930) Sidney Clare(w&m) Sam H. Stept (co-author)
Bee Palmer (co-author)
perf15.jpg After I Say I'm Sorry? (1926) Walter Donaldson Abe Lyman (words)
perf15.jpg Let's Talk About My Sweetie (1926) Walter Donaldson Gus Kahn (words)
perf15.jpg What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry? (1926) Walter Donaldson(w&m) Abe Lynman (co-author)
perf15.jpg When They Play the River Shannon (1912) Eugene Ellsworth
perf15.jpg Give Me a Syncopated Tune (1921) Joe Gold Eugene West (words)
perf15.jpg Neglected Blues (1921) Anton Lada Spencer Williams (co-author)
perf15.jpg  Singin' the Blues (1931) James Francis McHugh Dorothy Fields (words)  audioextmp315.gif
perf15.jpg Tho You Threw Me Down (1928) Larry Norrett(w&m) Morey Davidson (co-author)
Carl Rupp (co-author)
perf15.jpg I Found a New Baby (1926) Jack Palmer(w&m) Spencer Williams (co-author)
perf15.jpg I'm Looking For a Chase My Blues Away (1921) Fred Rich Blanche Merrill (words)
perf15.jpg Sittin' Around (1926) Joe L. Sanders Gus Kahn (words)
perf15.jpg Get Hot (1921) Al Siegel
perf15.jpg Loveland (1912) Aubrey Stauffer(w&m)
perf15.jpg Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (1930) Sammy H. Stept Sidney Clare (co-author)
Bee Palmer (co-author)
perf15.jpg Skeedle Um (1926) Spencer Williams Irving Bibo (co-author)