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Label: Universal Music Group
Release Date: 01 January, 1999
  1. Bolero
  2. The Ruins Of Athens: Turkish March
  3. The Planets: Jupiter
  4. Pictures At An Exhibition: The Old Castle
  5. Con in C: I. Grave
  6. Con in C: II. Allegro
  7. Con in C: III. Adagio
  8. Con in C: IV. Allegro
  9. Gnossienne No.2
  10. Slavonic Dance No.1, Op.46
  11. El Amor Brujo: Ritual Fire Dance
  12. Romeo And Juliet: Morning Dance
  13. Son in A: Rondo All Turca
  14. Two Celtic Jigs: Kesh And Kid On The Mountain
  15. Romanza
  16. Slavonic Dance No.5, Op.46
  17. Danserye: Rondo
  18. Bagpipe Music
  19. Bagpipes
  20. When I Heard The Drums Playing
  21. Slavonic Dance No.7, Op.46
  22. On The Waterfront: Presto Barbaro